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Robb Hill, Lecturer/Speaker/Trainer

A forcefully energetic and entertaining speaker, Robb hill knows how to deliver content-driven programs designed to empower and encourage your team. A financial adviser for over 18 years, Robb has helped hundreds of people redefine their financial objectives and prepare for a better financial future.

Communication is the foundation of relationships, whether it is with family, community, church or business- communication can make or break relationships. Excellent communicators are also attentive listeners.  Robb Hill will decipher the communication conundrum and help improve communication resulting in accountability and productivity.

Robb Hill inspirationally empowers others to rise to higher levels and overcome the inertia to see  the changes they desperately desire.  Robb shows audiences how to move from inactive, to proactive, and step out of their negativity into a positive and creative life path.

Speaking Topics Include;

RHE Lecture Series for Retirement Essentials

Wills and Trusts

Safe alternatives to the Stock Market

Long-term Care

Final Expenses

The Effective Communication Environment:

The ability to engage your customer is a skill that needs to be cultivated for maximum effectiveness. The non-verbal aspects of communication are of special importance. Participants learn techniques to gain cooperation from others and help customers express their ideas with clarity which in turn allows the service aspect to exceed the customers expectations.

  • Identify and apply different communication styles.
  • Gain a better understanding of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Communicate ideas more clearly and project a positive image.
  • Learn the assertive language to get your point across.
  • Tap into their own personal style to become a more authentic communicator.
  • Learn how to effectively give and receive feedback, and much, much more.

RHE Lecture Series on Personal Growth and Development

Personal Development- You are so much more than what you have become.

Leadership- It’s like beauty, hard to describe but you know it when you see it.

Overcoming Adversity- The best way is through.

The Choice is Yours- Not to choose is a choice.

Change- Inside Job

Firm Grip on an Empty Bag- Finance

Levels & Stages of Success- Change is inevitable, growth is optional.

Get your “BUT” out of the way!- What do you think is stopping you?

The Art of Communication- Engage the brain before you put the mouth in gear.


In the event that you are looking for customized solutions that will impact your bottom line in a positive direction; call 866.393.1839 and book Robb Hill today or for more information, email robb@rhillenterprisesinc.com.

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