It has been through years of trial and error that I have learned to learn those things that I did not know about myself. We all have a wonderful tool called our “mind” that when used properly will produce for us a life worth living; or through our own neglect will destroy us.

Dissatisfaction is a creative force. This is the mindset that has allowed me to rise above my circumstances and create the life that I want. I cannot tell you what your purpose is, nor can I tell you how long it will take to find it. I can tell you this; never negotiate the price of success. It is my belief that success is all encompassing; you cannot be successful in one area of life and not be successful in all areas of life.

Many times I have read about “balance”. To me balance is learning to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. This may seem ambiguous so I will attempt to clarify. I believe that when I am at work, my focus is on my work. When I am home, my focus is on my family. Wherever I am that is where my focus is. For me this view has made a big difference and has become my definition of balance.

There is a price that must be paid, you can choose to pay the price of success or by default; you will pay the price of failure. Choice my friend is the difference between success and failure. Understand that your life right now is the sum total of all of the choices you have made to this point. If you are not where you want to be, change your choices!

You, my friend have talents and abilities that will allow you to do more with your life than you may believe possible. Develop yourself through reading positive books, seek and associate with those that share your desire for achievement and never stop pursuing your dreams!

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