Stay the Course

I wrote this to myself and decided to share it.

Stay the Course

You must have a direction, a goal worthy to pursue

In seeking direction, you will find what to do

On a daily basis, to be better everyday

It is not perfection to seek, but growth along the way

The journey is long, and you cannot cheat

It is sometimes bitter, other times it is sweet

As you forge ahead, though weary you may be

Stay focused on your goal, and not what you now see

You are making progress, though it is not clear

It is action my friend, that overcomes the fear

The fear of failure is what stifles most

With a victim mentality, through life they coast

Not making life better, things tend to get worse

Avoid the victim mentality, for this is a curse

Decide what you want, what it is you desire

Stay focused on this and you will not tire

Do what you can, and continue to move

The actions you’ve taken, one day will prove

That worthy you are, of the goal achieved

The deciding factor is that you believed

In yourself enough to keep on going

Seeds of wisdom in your mind, you must keep sowing

Moment by moment and little by little

Success and failure look the same in the middle

One day you’ll look back and say with a smile

Tough journey my friend, but well worth the while


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